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So, you can now follow the 50last on Twitter. At least, you can TRY. They're not very easy to follow.

I am very careful, hesitantly putting the pen back to the pages of the 50last. Maybe. No promises.

I read through all the comics and profiles and side art today and I was enchanted. Every page is different. Some pages were done in pen, some were in sharpie, some where in colored pencil, some where in Photoshop, and one or two images were water color. The comic looks like shit in a lot of ways. There are these hideous Photoshop default gradients in the skies and in the backgrounds of the panels. You can't read half of what the characters are saying because of the font or background color or total absence of a speech bubble.

And yet, there is charm. Maybe it's because the 50last are like family to me, but there's something endearing about the chaos of it all. I was so ignorant of the way comics are "supposed" to be that I was free to create however I wanted, totally unrestricted by the rules. In some cases, I produced unreadable shit. In other cases, I struck fucking gold.



Of the first 100+ comics, there are very, very few that are passable as "good, traditional comic pages". There aren't many that combine good art, layout, text, and humor. Granted, over time they all improved, but they never really got to the point of great. They were getting close, which is when I went to college. I have a lot to live up to now.

New to the 50last?
To begin with, it's pronounced "Five Oh Last"

--->:stormtrooper: Start Here!! 50last Comic & Profile Directory!  the-flying-penguin.deviantart.… :stormtrooper:<---

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