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November 19, 2007
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Anniversary Art by The-Flying-Penguin Anniversary Art by The-Flying-Penguin
Celebrating one whole year of the 50last!

The team has come a long way since their debut in 2006, back when the team had only half a dozen members. Now, for a little bit of 50last "Fun Facts."

Waaay back when I first had the idea for the 50last, there were only going to be three characters: Jet, Bomber, and Sniper. And, originally, Jet was supposed to be a Dark Trooper. Bomber and Sniper never changed much, but the idea behind the comic was to be that these three troopers were somehow always stranded on various planets together.

Well, I mentioned the idea for the comic to my good friend, ~Kerwyn-Aldaron and so began the daily give and take that would develop the 50last. Essentially, he was like, "Hey, why no have a character named Skippy, whose really, REALLY gullible?"

We came up with a long list, eventually, of all the sorts of wild characters that might appear in a legion of reject clones. Initially, Chef didn't even make the cut!

We have this big, 12" x 12" sketchbook that barely fit in my backpack that I used to bring to Directed Study all the time. In that sketchbook, you can find the roots of almost every single 50last joke, and some of the very first drawings done of certain characters, even the ones that haven't been introduced yet! The funny thing about the sketchbook is that, since KA and I were sitting across from each other, he always saw everything I drew upside down, which is, not too surprisingly, where a couple of really good jokes came from!

Just for the fun of it, go back and take a look at some of the earlist comics. Jet's visor changed shape somewhere around comic 20, Bomber's boot just keep getting bigger, and Impy's visor stretches out considerably. Also, the drawings obviously improve considerably (for the most part) over time. And, personally, I think the comics get funnier as time goes on, as KA and I really got into the spirit of things.


I've updated the picture to what it looks like in real life! I'd had to cut out B.F. and Stilts before, simply because they hadn't been introduced to the comic yet!
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tyrannusBE Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
lol I'm already starting to like how you never see Stilt's head and I like how it is blocked out by Chef's shoulder in this occasion, but I can't help but wonder... *stares at the stars (in the middle of a cloudy day -.-)*
Halo117 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2008
masked-racoon Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2007
my mate captain cabbage did a
of bomber and Boba fett
so yeh
i just wanted to make sure it got you're ok

i've given all copwrite stuff to you and george lucas
so yeh

there ya go
DarkAznkld Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007
Wait... Whose the guy in the top left? does jet have that plating around his chest and shoulder?
The-Flying-Penguin Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
no, that's Jalt. He's actually the ghost of a 50last character who died long before the comic begins. There's some art of him in the gallery.
DarkAznkld Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2007
OH yea i saw that picture he was the one who could use the force...hes story is cool.
wallflower-chan Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2007
this looks awesome! i would so hang this baby up in my room XD
masked-racoon Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2007
happy first!
here to another...
or more
megaman762 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2007
congrats! =D
slyr Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2007
at first i didnt see gyro and i was gonna yell at you =) but i hope there are many years for 50last and arc.
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